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VeloSport Wellness takes pride in its products, as well as its relationship with professional and amateur athletes. In the coming months, we will be rolling out a brand ambassador program, so please check back soon for details.
— VeloSport Wellness

Nurse, Triathlete, Ambassador

Susan Keithley, MS, CNM

I am a Triathlete, and train for Sprint and Olympic distances. I just ran my first half-marathon, and will be doing the swim for a relay for an Ironman half-distance this summer. I like VeloSport Wellness CBD because it helps me recover and keep up with my busy training schedule!
— Susan Keithley, MS, CNM

Nurse Susan Keithley

Velosport Wellness CBD
Brand Ambassador

Advanced Rock Climber

Sarah Hwang

Velosport warming balm is amazing and effective, especially after a long day climbing. Smells great and feels even better!
— Sarah Hwang

Sarah Hwang

VeloSport Wellness CBD
Brand Ambassador